In Dog Rescue, Who Saves Whom?


We all know the incredible roller coaster that is the process of bringing a new dog into your life. There’s the first day of adoption, where you both look at each other and wonder if you might have made a mistake. There’s day two, where they find your underwear and subsequently eat it. Day three,

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  Two years ago, my husband and I traveled to South America. I came home with an illness that has forever changed me. I have been on every treatment plan imaginable and nothing has worked. My doctor was very concerned with my mental health - I was very depressed and couldn't get out of bed.

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Ozzie’s Story


Oh my goodness...... This experience has been FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL!!!!! We seriously I have the best dog ever. I talk about my perfect pooch all the time and he is so good. He has blended very well in our family my husband adores him and Ozzie his new name goes everywhere we go. I have a

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Hollys Plight


My dog, Holly and I met in January 2014 through a mutual friend, Susan Patterson. Susan brought her up from L.A, where she was staying in a "kill-shelter". She pulled Holly out of there on the day she was marked to get put down, and drove her up to Vancouver. I agreed to foster Holly

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Oreo’s Journey, Rescued 2015


One year ago our family was able to bring Oreo in to the fold. Oreo was supposed to be with us temporarily, in fact I brought him home while my husband was on a trip… but as we got to know him, we couldn’t let him leave our family. It has been amazing to watch

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KONA’s Story


My wife Chandni and I had been looking for a dog to adopt for a while. We had seen a few dogs over the past year or so but none had ended up working out. We met Kona and it was instant for both of us: he was the dog for us. A few days

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Where Are They Now / Rio


In our Where Are They Now series, we'll be telling the stories of the amazing rescues we've placed in loving homes across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. First up is Rio, an adorable female Boston terrier x pitbull cross that we rescued in May 2014 from a high-kill shelter in Lancaster, California. From the beginning,

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