One year ago our family was able to bring Oreo in to the fold. Oreo was supposed to be with us temporarily, in fact I brought him home while my husband was on a trip… but as we got to know him, we couldn’t let him leave our family. It has been amazing to watch him slowly forget the life he had before us and start to build confidence and trust. Simple things like walking on a leash were all new to Oreo and it has been so special to see him learn and master new skills.

Earlier this year after attending our wedding, Oreo moved with us to Ontario – a California dog got to experience his first snowfall and lake swim. Oreo has settled in well to Canadian life – he loves to watch Blue Jays games on TV, play with his stuffed squirrel and frolic in off leash parks. We are so grateful to Susan and Thank Dog I Am Out for bringing Oreo in to our lives.