• DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS is a new animated adventure, that follows a group of shelter pets as they team up with Superman’s dog (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) to try and save the day!
  • To celebrate DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS and the character of Ace – an adorable dog that has been in the shelter for a very long time (voiced by Kevin Hart), Warner Bros. Pictures Canada, is partnering with animal rescues across the country to shine a spotlight on senior shelter dogs

Please support this great cause “ age is not a disease” so step up , you will never regret it


We are a not for profit, 100% volunteer based animal rescue society that runs entirely on our love for animals.

We do what we do for the same reason you’re here: to make a difference. We’re saving as many dogs and cats as possible one day at a time.


To rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome as many adoptable Dogs and Cats at risk of being euthanized, surrendered, abused, or neglected as possible. Our love knows no borders – we rescue both locally and internationally.


Our animals come first. They are the center of why we do what we do. As a registered not-for-profit rescue society, the safety, wellbeing, and health of our adoptable dogs and cats comes before anything and everything else. This means we do rigorous background checks, home checks, and follow-ups with every adopted dog and cat.

Canine Distemper

If you think you and /or your dog (s) may have been exposed to even one dog (one is too many) , take precautions and go to your vet. RE vaccinating an otherwise robust dog can elevate your dogs protection from Canine Distemper
If you have a few moment please read this very educating article and decide “what do I need to do”, should you (and your dog) ever come face to face with this virus.

Last week the Thank Dog I Am Out Dog Rescue family lost two furry family members… knowing they were loved to the moon and back helps a bit but virtual hugs always help so please feel free to send them here 💔
Lola ❤️ was a foster fail by our amazing fosters Jen and Adrian.
Lola got sick and crossed the Rainbow Bridge quickly but in loving arms
We have included so many “Lola” memories – especially Lola with so many TDIAO foster pups
Jake ❤️ lived a long life in the arms of our TDIAO family Janet and her crew. Jake fought hard and hung in there bouncing back a few times! (Thank you universe)
We have included some loving photos to enjoy
Life is tricky. Love and live life to the largest every day. Our pets love us unconditionally- we as humans should take note
Heaven welcomed two angels ❤️