After a year of virtually no means of fundraising we are SO excited to have partnered with the Tisol/Arbutus Street for this year‘s Pet Appreciation Month which starts TODAY until June 25, 2021!
Please visit the store and take that quick second to donate an item or a dollar or two. As a not for profit society, we rely on donations and like many, have had a very rough 18 months. Pet Appreciation is back!! On now until June 25th!

Conrad is here!

Conrad is officially Canadian!

He travelled with 9 others from Paws Rescue Qatar! Conrad drove, flew, drove, boarded, then drove again but finally rolled into beautiful BC thanks to SO many amazing people along the way. So thankful for Alison, Emily, Tanya Quaranta, Michelle, and our Thank Dog I Am Out Dog Rescue transport team led by Rick and Jodi. Not to mention the tireless coordination efforts of Mary Milton! Conrad is now decompressing at his Saluki savvy foster home. Conrad will be available for adoption soon – remember , he is a miracle pup! Nothing but awesomeness from here onward! Check out his before and after photos below…






Check out clips of Nira chatting about adopting Sushi!

RainCoast Dog Rescue Society talks rescue and resources!

RainCoast Dog Rescue Society, thank you for saying how it is. Speaking for … we feel all of the same sentiments and are very happy to share your post #RescuesDOCare

PSA announcement! This is a long one, but we really felt we needed to explain some things to all the people out there looking to adopt or buy a dog or animal. To explain what our system and processes look like in regards to organizations or the government, and to why you are maybe not hearing back from rescues, have heard back but wasn’t approved, or have heard back and been approved, but still can’t seem to be chosen for a dog or rescue animal. To try and explain both sides of the spectrum from the rescue organizations stand point, and from the applicants, adopters, or just the interest of getting a dog from somewhere standpoint. I think education and awareness is so key to creating a better future for all animals and for the people that want to have or help them in one way or another. Please, hang in there! We know it’s hard, frustrating and down right upsetting sometimes. We feel your pain, we do. When we all come together as one to raise awareness and educate ourselves, to use our voice to protect the ones that can’t protect themselves, we will create a better world for all animals, and humans, together, as one. PS. I never claimed to be the best speaker or find the best words, I just try to do my best in the ways I know how. Hopefully this helps in any way possible. Thank you from all of us at RainCoast Dog Rescue, and even other rescue organizations.♥️🐾

Posted by RainCoast Dog Rescue Society on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

At home with your dog all day?

Expert says don’t let them get used to it…

Being at home all day with your fur baby seems like an amazing bonus to come out of these hard times, but what if you are setting yourself up for big problems down the road? This is a MUST read . A pet with separation anxiety can be very challenging. Read the article by clicking HERE

With all of the FEAR based information based on ONE dog, who had just licked his Covid-19 + human and then swabbed for the virus and tested a WEAK +ve we want to share a link that will CALM everyone down. Please INFORM yourselves. We will NOT buy into the fear and panic and will continue to rescue dogs from overseas until the science says otherwise. Click HERE to read more.



HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to party and celebrate 40 dogs finding their forever homes! It was an amazing day full of laughter and learning, good food and drinks, and amazing friends…oh and some really cute dogs! Don’t forget we have some amazing pups still available for adoption, check out the available dogs page to learn more about them. Thank you to everyone that came together to make this possible, TDIAO team, volunteers, sponsors, and everyone who lent a paw to help! When we put our hearts and minds together, we can achieve great things!

Video credit: ljvproductions

PSA from TDIAO – NEVER leave your dog unattended!

A public service announcement from Thank Dog I Am Out founder Susan Patterson warning dog owners not to leave their dog unattended at any time. Dog thefts have been on the rise in the Vancouver area, and are only getting worse. Dogs are being stolen and re-sold, kept as companions and or shipped out of province to be re-sold as a rescue. Keep your dog safe – NEVER leave them unattended.

Please think of others when thinking about lighting off fireworks of any kind. Dogs have very sensitive hearing and are very afraid of fireworks.

Check out this video to see how bad it is for some dogs. CLICK HERE

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