That’s a Wrap for 2022 – Our year in review

That’s a Wrap for 2022 – Our year in review

At Thank Dog I Am Out Dog Rescue Society, our dogs come first. They are the center of why we do what we do. As a registered Not-for-Profit Rescue Society, the safety, well-being, and health of the animals in our care comes before anything and everything else.

Our year actually started at the end of 2021 when TDIAO single handily and successfully secured Canada, Vancouver BC as the landing destination for 286 abandoned and rescued animals desperately needing to be evacuated from Afghanistan.

Our fabulous  long term partners at YVR’s Signature FBO Aviation opened their landing strip and then 17,000 square feet at their site to this campaign. ..allowing our organization to convert the space into a temporary housing facility for the 153 dogs and 133 cats.

The amazing, 100% (UNPAID), so all volunteers jumped into action and spent Nov, Dec 2021 and Jan 2022 converting the space into a beautiful temporary holding facility for the incoming LR76 plane carrying these VIP animals from our new partners at the Kabul Small Animal Rescue in Afghanistan. Many of these animals were left behind during the Nato evacuation in Aug 2021. Many were strays, many were in desperate need of 1st world medical care.

TDIAO’s commitment was to secure and build a facility, and import each animal safely, which we did, our role ending the minute  the animals were cleared by the CBSA into Canada.

The universe had a different plan for many of these animals, their journey did not end within the 60 days of arriving. In April of 2022 TDIAO was called upon once again to step in, assist our friends at Kabul Small Animal Rescue. We were asked to relocate approximately 50 dogs and some cats into a new facility due to an outbreak of Distemper at the YVR site.

With full transparency our organization stepped up and quickly with the help of KSAR learned, managed and eradicated the Distemper.

Our costs soared.

TDIAO’s commitment to the 12 dogs and 3 cats that we took into our organization found us paying staggering medical bills exceeding

$80, 000.

Without our support these animals would have died.

Two had advanced cancers, but with the amazing medical treatments at the Vancouver Animal ER and Referral Clinic, Canada West Veterinarian Hospital and Boundary Bay Specialist our animals thrived and continue to thrive today.

What started out to be a 3-4 month commitment to help the KSAR animals became a full 12 month commitment , noting that one of our key volunteers just assisted delivering the very last KSAR dog to its flight THIS MONTH – heading to the USA to be reunited with his owner.

2022 saw Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society supporting the DTES Distribution Center (Downtown East Side) with the wonderful new and used donations of food and supplies donated by our community  on a monthly basis. We would like to thank our partners at RC Pets  and Tisol Pet Value for their ongoing support providing us with a place to receive donations, and RC Pets for their wonderful donation of brand new coats, harnesses, leashes, and other hard good supplies.

We were all pretty tired but not ready to put our feet up just yet.

In October 2022 we rescued 6 gorgeous labs and brought them all the way from Arkansas and placed them into fantastic BC homes.

Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society “tied the knot” on the year by holding our 4th “FURbaby Food Bank” on November 26, 2022. Partnering with 3 Safeway stores in the Lower Mainland, TDIAO successfully provided over 500 families with over $8,000 of brand new , unopened food and supplies… everything from 30 pound bags of dog food to cat food, litter and even bunny food and bedding!

Huge shout out to all the volunteers who joined us that day!

 Sooooo that was our 2022.

 Broke and Exhausted but happy our team can reflect on our successes and know that we were there for each animal under our care no matter how challenging our circumstances.

We would like to wish all of our supporters a safe and happy holiday and a wonderful 2023.

We hope you can continue to support our mandate and give thanks in advance for any and all financial support.

As a Registered Not for Profit Society and donations of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt.


Happy Holidays from all of us at Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society