Presenting an 11-year-old Golden Labrador Retriever, a cherished member of his current family. Having grown alongside the family’s now adult children, Ben possesses a wealth of familial warmth. However, due to his age and limited exposure to young children, it is recommended that his new home be without small ones.

Ben previously cohabitated with two cats for a duration of two years. While they maintained a respectful distance from each other, Ben never exhibited aggression towards them, demonstrating an ability to coexist peacefully.

In encounters with other dogs, Ben displays a degree of apprehensive excitement. Having never shared a home with another canine, his compatibility with other pets may require patience and gradual introduction. Alternatively, he may thrive as the sole pet in a household, facilitating a smoother adjustment period.

During walks, Ben is leash-trained and exhibits exemplary behavior.

While Ben’s exuberant greetings may initially overwhelm, he quickly settles with gentle redirection. He responds well to commands, showing enthusiasm for treat-based activities and enjoying his chew toys.

It’s worth noting that Ben may express discomfort through growling if overwhelmed by excessive attention, signaling his need for personal space. While this trait may raise concerns, it’s important to emphasize that Ben has never displayed any form of aggression towards humans. Such behaviors are attributed to his unique personality, advocating for respectful boundaries.

Potential adopters should consider Ben’s individual needs and temperament, understanding that with patience and understanding, he has the potential to be a loving and loyal companion.

UTD on all the vaccines.

If interested in adopting sweet Ben, please email Kim at [email protected]