My dog, Holly and I met in January 2014 through a mutual friend, Susan Patterson. Susan brought her up from L.A, where she was staying in a “kill-shelter”. She pulled Holly out of there on the day she was marked to get put down, and drove her up to Vancouver. I agreed to foster Holly for one week, I took her on the Monday, and by Wednesday I asked Susan if I could adopt her…

Like most rescues the first few months were little bit tough. She had obviously been through a lot, even the smallest noise would send her running with her tail tucked between her legs. As soon as she had some routine in her life, and familiar faces around she became a totally new dog. She has in turn been a loving sidekick and friend, she loves to come into work and greet customers, snooze all day in what looks to be the most uncomfortable positions, and of course run like a brindle bullet on the beaches in Tofino!

Susan is a really cool lady, and I commend her for what she is doing. I have adopted a dog from her (my mom adopted 2 Chihuahuas) and I have volunteered at two of her big rescue adoption events. TDIAO is an amazing rescue, if you are thinking about getting a dog or even fostering, you should definitely reach out to Susan & TDIAO, and give one of these fury guys or gals a 2nd chance!!!

Thanks, Eric