My wife Chandni and I had been looking for a dog to adopt for a while. We had seen a few dogs over the past year or so but none had ended up working out. We met Kona and it was instant for both of us: he was the dog for us. A few days later and Kona was in his FURever home. We were ecstatic. Thank DOG I Am Out made the whole adoption process a breeze and you could tell they genuinely cared for Kona.

In the two weeks after we adopted him we found out he needed major surgery to live. It was like a swift punch to the gut. We were heartbroken. We talked to TDIAO and they got us in touch with another vet for a second opinion. Their vet helped confirm his diagnosis, but more importantly she helped give us more information on his condition, the survival rate of his surgery, and what his quality of life post surgery could be.

Despite being major surgery, it had a high survival rate and his chance at a full recovery were very high. In other words, there was a very good chance he’d live a long, healthy, and full life after having surgery. This made the decision a no brainer, and they helped give us the necessary information.

As if that wasn’t enough, they helped spread the word about a fundraiser some friends started for us to help pay for the cost (we didn’t have pet insurance given it was our first dog and it had only been two weeks). Them reaching out to their community was over and above the call of duty, and we were so thankful for it.

Kona is now 4 weeks post surgery and is a brand new dog. We couldn’t be happier having him in our lives. He will be the dog we create so many wonderful memories with. Thank you, TDIAO!