Save Me Sunday: Kirsten + Ollie


You don’t know me but you might know my dog. He’s just like yours: soul piercing eyes, a heart of gold, farts that make you evacuate the building, and an unwavering sense of love and selflessness. Ollie has been in my life for almost 7 years. I call him the face of love. Part lab,

Save Me Sunday: Kirsten + Ollie2017-04-28T16:21:44-07:00

Hollys Plight


My dog, Holly and I met in January 2014 through a mutual friend, Susan Patterson. Susan brought her up from L.A, where she was staying in a "kill-shelter". She pulled Holly out of there on the day she was marked to get put down, and drove her up to Vancouver. I agreed to foster Holly

Hollys Plight2016-10-04T22:19:59-07:00

Oreo’s Journey, Rescued 2015


One year ago our family was able to bring Oreo in to the fold. Oreo was supposed to be with us temporarily, in fact I brought him home while my husband was on a trip… but as we got to know him, we couldn’t let him leave our family. It has been amazing to watch

Oreo’s Journey, Rescued 20152016-09-29T00:11:01-07:00


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