Tess (aka Dory): A TDIAO Sucess Story


TESS: A TDIAO SUCCESS STORY Hi folks! You'll recall Dory...now 'Tess'...who arrived from Korea two years ago in February, and was promptly lost in the Gloucester Industrial Park area in Langley by her adoptive parent who had just picked her up at the airport. She spent five cold nights in the wilds of

Tess (aka Dory): A TDIAO Sucess Story2023-03-08T02:21:57-07:00

Wanted: Female Roommate – For Life


Hi. I’m Cora. Want to be best friends and roomies? I’m a 1.5 year old female Mountain Mix. I don’t know what that means but people tell me I’m adorable and it sounds like that’s a good thing? I know I’m young, but I’m very mature for my age. People say that a lot and

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Save Me Saturday: Wes


Show of hands: Who here knows the feeling of true love? Not like unrealistic movie love or way way unrealistic and weird sparkly vampire love. It’s also not the I love you because you’re my sister and I have to kind and it’s not like I love you even though you forgot to take out the

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Cora Meets World


Sometimes, we wonder what it would be like to be a dog. Don’t lie, you totally do as well. That’s because dogs know the secret to a good life is a belly rub, someone to tell you you’re pretty all the time, and a poop in the woods. They also know that that the key

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TDIAO Calendars Featured On DailyHive Gift Guide!


Vancouver photographers Jason Kenzie and Tania Ryan created The Underdog Project to raise awareness and funds for Vancouver-area rescue Thank Dog I Am Out. The photographs featured in these super creative calendars were taken by having the dogs stand on glass, and many of the pooches are rescue dogs. Link: http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/gift-guide-presents-for-pets-and-pet-lovers-that-give-back#.WEdl5rJs2s0.email

TDIAO Calendars Featured On DailyHive Gift Guide!2023-03-08T02:21:14-07:00

CTV News Story – TDIAO 2016


58 rescue dogs find fur-ever homes in Metro Vancouver (Click Here For The Full Story And Video!) It was a special day for dozens of dogs rescued from “high-kill” California shelters as they were adopted into fur-ever homes in Metro Vancouver. Sixty pooches rescued from euthanasia arrived at Landmark Aviation at Vancouver International Airport’s South Terminal

CTV News Story – TDIAO 20162023-03-08T02:21:14-07:00


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