Thank Dog I Am Out Available Dogs

It’s officially February. Which means that February 14th is steadily approaching. If you’re not already coupled up in a blanket of ever-lasting love, you’re either practicing your “it’s-just-another-Hallmark-money-grab” speech in front of the mirror or desperately swiping right on the collective modern love machine that we know as Tinder.

If neither of these applies to you because you’re a hermit and you’d like to stay that way, congratulations on finding true happiness!

If, however, you’ve found yourself on the lookout for your new boo (or, you know, a one night stand – you do you), let us remind you that every year, approximately 3.9 million companion dogs enter animal shelters – in the US alone (where we do most of our rescuing). And each year, approximately 1.2 million of those dogs are euthanized before they can find their second chance, often due to an overcrowded shelter.

That’s millions of four-legged boos who, like you, are just looking for someone to spend the rest of their lives with. Someone to buy presents for on Valentine’s Day (or judge others for buying into a Corporate Plot to further enslave us all to Capitalism or whatever).

Someone who is:

Cool and nice, likes head pats and dog memes.

Someone who doesn’t mind that a cold nose and that the occasionally release of silent farts.

Someone who likes long walks on the beach and is okay with their BFF sometimes eating dead crabs.

Someone who doesn’t mind having to clean up their BFF’s poop from time to time.

Someone who also doesn’t mind being adored for the next 10 years.


Photo via Instagram: @thiswildidea


If dog adoption were anything like modern day dating, maybe dogs would have a much easier time finding their furever matches (and also, if the people you met on Tinder were just as good and pure as dogs, maybe dating wouldn’t be so terrible).

Since we are both dog rescuers AND match-makers in this magical ride that is life, we went ahead and created 9 Tinder Profiles for the 9* beautiful, four-legged souls that, like you, are just looking for their true love, but also, a second chance at a warm home, a friend, and someone to spend the rest of their lives with, for peanut butter or for worse.

Below, just in time for Valentine’s Day, 9 magnificent floofers ready for adoption, all just a swipe right away.

*Please note: we already have a few lucky doggos that have found their home with applicants from our previous #save60dogsNov6 Adoption Event. But we still have plenty of dogs who need a home –  check them out below and get in touch with us!



Thank Dog I Am Out - Available Dogs

Moppy, 10 months


Havanese Mix

Graduating UFP (University of Floofy Puppers) in two months, degree in How to be a Good Boy.

I recently shaved so the mustache is gone (sorry, ladies). I like people and I like to party. I think family is the most important thing in the world. That and bacon. I just live hard and enjoy life to the fullest because #YOLO haahahhahah.

Looking for people who like to have a good time. Let’s go have an adventure and stay out until 4 am? Lol just kidding, I’ll need like 5 naps first. Live, love, laugh and then poop.







Thank Dog I Am Out Available DogsJules, 2.5


Black/White/Grey Scruffy

“If you can’t handle me at my floofiest, you can’t handle me at all.”

One time, I met John Stamos on a plane, and he told me I was pretty.

I like to play but I’m here for something long-term. Looking for somebody to share great experiences with, the kind I can Instagram about later, you know? Let’s do to the Chief and take a Selfie and talk about the meaning of life and Frisbees. Must quote Mean Girls with me; must appreciate my wiggles.

I can’t cook (I don’t have thumbs) but you can scratch my head while we go to Taco Bell?




Thank Dog I Am Out Available Dogs

Brice, 1.5


Spaniel Mix

Looking for love in all the wrong places, I guess. Like, the first thing I do is smell people’s butts but apparently that’s not cool? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong?

Things you need to know about me: I’m a fun, friendly, food forward dude. A little on the shy side, so you need to make the first move. Unless you’re covered in peanut butter. Resting cute face and casually cool, like the other side of the pillow.

The third photo is of my friend’s baby, NOT mine!!! Saying that here because, tbh, I don’t actually like kids that much. Sorry not sorry.







Thank Dog I Am Out Available Dogs



White Poodle Mix

“Love like you’ve never been hurt, bark like there is nobody listening…”

Sweet girl seeking meaningful relationship, someone who is ready to find The One. Must be kind and caring because I’m a cuddle enthusiast with have a lot of love to give xox. Must be able to appreciate a good girl like me. I like being pampered but I also like being active and you should, too. Not saying that physique is important but…don’t message me unless you’re above 4 feet tall.

Send photos? I can’t send you mine; I don’t have thumbs.

No Scrubs, please.





Thank Dog I Am Out Available Dogs



Chi Mix

Looking for someone who gets me. Who, like, knows that sometimes I need my space but also, sometimes I need you to complete me. Like, when I’m singing Fergalicious, and it’s the part where she says “I be up in the gym just workin’ on my fitness he’s my witness” I can point to you and you’ll do the little “woooOOOOH” part because right now I have to do both parts on my own and it’s hard.
I can be shy at first but just tell me I’m pretty in soft, soothing tones and I won’t leave your side.

I don’t really like dogs. Don’t hate me?







Thank Dog I Am Out Available Dogs

Cora, 1.5


Bernese Mountain Mix

Not looking to play games, just looking for somebody to play fetch with. Don’t take life so seriously; if you can’t laugh at yourself, I probably will.

Family and friends are super important to me. So are tennis balls. Gold Medal “Glass Is Half-Full” optimist – life is great, things are good, let’s go for a run and be best friends!

My passions are Craft Peanut Butter, belly rubs, and being adorable.

Likes: hip hop, sarcasm, trampolines, people. Dislikes: vacuums, lemons, people who spell “your” like “ur”.






Thank Dog I Am Out Available Dogs

Clover, 3


Chi Mix

Married with kids. Looking for some side action. JK. Single. Neutered. Not looking to pick up a litter. Happy and easy going, like to chill, preferably on laps during Netflix and Chill. Need someone to reach things on the top shelf for me. Enjoy walking, being cool, playing with dogs, but also like having my space from time to time, so no Stage 5 Clingers please.

Work hard, bark hard.









Thank Dog I Am Out Available Dogs

Lizzie, 3


Border Collie/Queensland Heeler Mix

Spent the last year behind bars but it was a complete misunderstanding – that bacon wasn’t mine!

I’m just looking for a second chance and someone to start a quiet, content life with. I live in the moment and you should too. You should also currently have a dog (not tryin’ to be blunt here but I don’t want to waste my time or yours, so if you don’t have a dog don’t talk to me lol k thanks byeee). If you enjoy a good walk, love the company of a sweet, down to earth, gentle gal who appreciates the finer things like peeing on flowers and winning at staring contests, then I’m yours.







Thank Dog I Am Out Available Dogs

Skipper, 3


Poodle Mix

Unemployed and homeless but otherwise a real catch. I’ve done the furternity and chasing tails thing. Ready to settle down but still like going hard with my boys at the dog park.

Must be goal oriented. Like, your goal for Saturday should be to get up and walk me but also know it’s just as important to marathon LOTR or GoT with me in your lap on the weekends.

Not looking for a hookup. Life is short and you only get one shot at it. Let’s Carpé this Diem and see where things go over a bowl of water?





If any of these floofers look magical enough to bring into your Squad, Wolfpack, or Legion of Legends, then fill out on Adoption Application and we’ll be in touch.

Please note: we already have a few lucky doggos that have found their home with applicants from our previous #save60dogsNov6 Adoption Event. These are applicants who didn’t get to take home a furever friend last time. But we still have plenty of dogs who need a home! Our Open House will give the remaining floofs a chance to help us determine who they want to go home with.

And who knows? If you hit it off, YOU could be spending a special night in this Valentine’s Day with a very hairy (but all parts cute) four-legged first date.