October 4, 2016




Vancouver, BC… Every week we hear terrible tales of abandoned and abused dogs

and often wonder how we can help? Here is your answer. Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society (TDIAO)

This is the 4th year for cross-border adoptions with TDIAO. This year’s event,


This years event takes place over two days.

The dogs arrive by chartered plane into Vancouver on Sat Nov 5th, and will become available for adoption to PRE approved adopters on Sunday, November 6, 2016.

The Sunday event will start at 10am at Landmark Aviation, South Terminal YVR and promises to be an amazing day not just for the 60 dogs that will be saved, but also for the 100+ volunteers but especially for the dogs and the new dog owners, their families and friends.


OVER 6000 DOGS can be euthanized a month in the state of California alone. Millions of

very adoptable dogs are dying in the USA because of weak spay/neuter laws,

overbreeding and the Hollywood small “purse dog” fad. In California, shelters are

receiving more dogs than ever. In the Los Angeles County shelter system, most of these dogs (less than 30 pounds) were sold into homes as cute puppies, but overbreeding saturated the demand; most were dumped after they matured into adults. Source: Animal People News.



TDIAO is working with one co-ordinator and her team located in Northern California. This team has already begun pulling dogs at risk from a number of high kill shelters, transferring the dogs to their rescue farm in Stockton, CA. Once out of the shelter the 60 dogs will be spayed/neutered, vetted including tested for blood borne disease and for internal and external parasites. The dogs will all be micro-chipped and behaviorally assessed.

In order to make selecting the perfect dog at the #save60dogsNov6 event easier , adopters will be able to find a dog best suited to them by TDIAO having the dogs organized in the hanger based on temperament and energy prior to opening. The adopters will receive a coloured wrist band – based on information collected by TDIAO from each applicants adoption form, home, reference checks and lifestyle. Upon entering the venue adopters will be directed to the area with dogs best suited for them.


#save60dogsNov6   to be held in Vancouver, promises to be an awe-inspiring event. TDIAO has chartered a plane to be flown by Wings of Rescue from Northern CA into

Vancouver, BC. on Sat November 5th.

Upon touching down into Vancouver that Saturday a team of over 100 volunteers will help transfer the dogs from the plane into the hanger which will have been converted into an amazing DOG UTOPIA pop up adoption center. That night a select group of dog savvy volunteers will be pulling out their sleeping bags and spend a dreamy night with 60 very lucky new TDIAO doggie recruits. This team will have all the dogs prepared to meet their PRE APPROVED potential families when they wake up on Sunday Nov 6th.




All potential adopters must be pre-approved before the event if they want to take a

dog home on November 6th.

TDIAO has a selective pre-approval adoption system that requires all adopters to complete an online adoption application form, consent to a home-check, and submit 2 references. Once approved, their adoption application is valid to adopt for one whole year.

All TDIAO rescue dogs arrive fully vetted, up to date on their

shots and will be spayed/neutered. The adoption fee for each dog is $375.00 CDN + taxes,

which covers the afore mentioned vetting. For a very reasonable $20.00

each dog is supplied with a new 6’ nylon leash, a fitted harness and an identification tag (a retail value of over $60.00). Riplee’s Ranch Holistic Dog Food will also provide a free bag of food for each dog at the #save60dogsNov6  event.

During the adoption event November 6th TDIAO will have refreshments available, the

REEL Mac and Cheese Food truck will be onsite and attendee’s can stock up on TDIAO

goodies such as bracelets, vests, hoodies, car magnets and even face tattoos.

Have some fun and take a selfie with the rescue’s mascot HOMER who will be on site!

Check in for PRE approved adopters on Sunday Nov 6th will start at 8am. The adoption floor will open at 10am.

Due to the popularity of this event, and upholding TDIAO’s commitment to make the event safe and calm for the dogs and adopters, there is a limit of 2 adults( and their children if applicable) per application allowed on to the adoption floor.


Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society started with Homer. Founded in 2009 by Susan Patterson,

Thank DOG I Am Out’s humble beginnings began as a result of her inability to find a

small or medium sized rescue in local BC shelters. Given no choice but to look

abroad, Susan stumbled onto various rescue organizations based in the United

States. That’s where she saw him: an abused, disabled, Chihuahua mix pulled off

death row in Washington State, who was just crying out for a loving home.

Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society is a Not-for Profit Registered Charitable Organization #81653 8581 RR0001 based in Vancouver BC.

Their mandate is to:

 Rescue and re-home as many adoptable dogs at risk of being euthanized,

surrendered, abused, or neglected no matter where the dog is located

 Place these rescued dogs into pre-approved fur-ever homes

For further information or to contact Susan Patterson, please visit the website:



Email :

[email protected].

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Media Contact: Alexander Ink | 604-331-0907 | [email protected]