This little, 17 pound , 3 year old, male arrived to Thank Dog I Am Out Dog Rescue last week . He has enjoyed his transition from Mexico to Canada wrapped in love ❤️ by his awesome foster. Tofu is now READY for his FURever home.
Cheweenie – doxie, terrier mix
17 pounds
3’sh years old
Personality : This is one dog ready to become a social media star!
Tofu loves to counter surf, ocean surf, walk along any railing within reach, get outdoors to explore, drive a car (or help) , chill in the arms of his humans when he is tuckered out .
Tofu is adamant that he does NOT do crates, Xpens, beds in another room … nope you have to know … it’s his humans bed 🛌 or nothing!!
Tofu came from Cortez Rescue, Los Barriles, BCS where he lived with up to 11 dogs – we have noticed that Tofu will benefit with another happy adjusted dog in the household.
He has been tested with cats and showed absolutely no interest in getting too close!! (Smart guy)
Applicants with “dog savvy” kids 8 years and up only please
We are accepting applications to adopt Tofu if you live in the Lower Mainland, and the outlying areas