It’s been a week of fielding a lot of questions about “CanineDistemper”.
Is it contagious ? (very)
Can my dog get it if somehow exposed even if vaccinate ? (DHPP) – unfortunately yes , not always but yes especially if older or compromised
Can I get distemper?
(No but you can pass it on to another dog if you have unknowingly interacted with a dog that has it )
Can my dog survive distemper?
Yes, most can recover (adult dogs) if treated quickly and with proper care
Shelter protocol to stop the transmission:
• test all possibly exposed dogs
• isolate positive cases
• quarantine all others until contained
• enforce the use of PPE – gloves, masks, gowns and booties
• BE TRANSPARENT with your community . Allow people to be proactive when they go home after a shift , there is no shame in transparency- that’s how the virus can be contained …. Always remind all staff and volunteers that when they go home they should remove all clothing and shower before interacting with their own dogs
If you think you and /or your dog (s) may have been exposed to even one dog (one is too many) , take precautions and go to your vet. RE vaccinating an otherwise robust dog can elevate your dogs protection from Canine Distemper
If you have a few moment please read this very educating article and decide “what do I need to do”, should you (and your dog) ever come face to face with this virus.