We at Thank DOG I Am Out  Dog Rescue have joined the amazing SPCA International coalition team working closely with the Kabul Small Animal Rescue’s team on the ground in Afghanistan to successfully complete the mission to rescue the 300+ dogs and cats abandoned, or left behind as their owners fled the country and get them to North America!

The coalition team , under the umbrella of SPCA International, consists of Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue, War Paws, Marleys Mutts, and Rain Coast  Dog Rescue…all of us committed  to see this  historical  rescue mission through to the finish line.

You may remember the chaos resulting in so many dogs being released at the Kabul airport.  So far KSAR has  been able to extract over 70 dogs from the airport!  The work doesn’t stop, there are more animals to be rescued, more lives to be saved, their team will continue to provide rescue services and work to remove as many dogs as possible from the airport.

It is our hope to bring these cats and dogs to Canada early in the New Year. Setting up a temporary shelter in North America to ensure these animals are properly cared for until they can go to their forever homes is no easy feat. We are on the homestretch, but none of this is possible without your support, please donate today so that these cats and dogs, who have already endured so much, can finally have their happily ever after. 

Previously raised funds have been used to support the ongoing rescue and care of the animals at KSAR after the failed August evacuation as well as constructing a temporary facility here in North America to house the animals upon their arrival.

Our teams here in North America have been working non-stop to support KSAR and to see this rescue mission through. We have been working with our dedicated partners War Paws, Marleys Mutts, Rain Coast Rescue and Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue to meet all import and housing requirements.

Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society , Charitable Status # 81653  8581 RR0001 has been working tirelessly under the radar preparing to make this mission a success.

Please support the mission of Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue by donating on this page, or by clicking the DONATE button on our website 

Link:  https://www.thankdogiamout.com

 If you prefer to donate internationally please donate to SPCA International directly  – SPCAI never given up on these animals.

Here is the link to their donation page: https://www.spcai.org/donate-ksar

From the SPCAI :

These cats and dogs have already endured so much but SPCAI  is so close to the finish line. We need YOU to help us bridge the gap and meet our goal of $70,000 by January 5th. Your donation will ensure that every animal that comes to North America will receive the best care possible and have every opportunity to find a loving forever home.

2021 Recap: $270k was raised to rescue animals from Afghanistan. We are thrilled to announce that your support will bring hundreds of dogs and cats from Afghanistan to North America. If all goes as planned, they’ll arrive within the month.