Dogs Currently Available for Adoption

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Arriving from Peru this Sat –
Cielo (Sky) in white is available for adoption…. This low rider is adorable. Is just one year old , spayed and happy go lucky… Cielo is heading to our awesome foster . She will be available to meet y’all after a few days of rest (it took 5 days to get here)
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Miss Jada is a super sweetheart. Jada is just over 2 years old and around 35 pounds. She is kind and definitely more on the submissive side. She would do well with another confident dog. There are guesses that she might have a little bit of boxer in her – but either way her beautiful soul shines through her eyes – we can’t get enough of her. More info to come on Miss Jada!
Jada arrives into Canada on December 4th.
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Meet our Topaz!! Topaz is a gorgeous girl with lots of love to give. She is a 3 year old smooth coat Saluki.
She is fast, but medium energy.
She has great recall IN THE TRAILS but NO recall anywhere else that is “open” area (like a street)
She is couch potato after her exercise
She is smart and needs to be stimulated
She has a deep attachment to her humans
She prefers humans over dogs
She loves to cuddle
She is here in the Lower Mainland
If you have some dog experience and know how important exercise is for these types of dogs please reach out to to arrange for a “Meet and Greet” with TOPAZ.
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Pronounced “Shee-Oh-Tee”, this sweet girl is one happy puppy. Shioti is 8 months old and thought to be a beagle mix – she is about 23 pounds. She is very loving and loves to lounge around in her favourite spot. She has a very calm spirit, especially for her age. Stay tuned as we learn more about her little personality.
Shioti arrives into Canada on December 4th.
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Atom is just 3 years old and only 16 pounds. He is a sweet little beagle mix – very calm and very sweet. He is so excited to meet his forever family! Now in Vancouver, ready for meet and greets!
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Furby ~ADOPTED ~

Mr Furby is a ham! Can’t you tell by that smile?! Furby is about 3 years old and just over 32 pounds. He love love loves attention and would love nothing more than to be cuddled and pet all day! He is very loving and does well with other chill dogs. Stay tuned as we learn more and get more smiley pictures of this young man.
Furby arrives in Canada on December 4th.

Korina ~ADOPTED~

Meet Korina! Korina is around 1 year old and about 23 pounds. She is peppy and fun, and just loves to please people. She loves to be active and play and is super friendly. Her beautiful eyes have captured our heart – stay tuned as we learn more!
Korina arrives in Canada on December 4th.
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Billy ~ADOPTED ~

Billy is 4 years old and 26 pounds. He is actually a bit on the light side and could use some extra yummy treats to put on a few pounds. He is an old soul and very kind. He is not fond of the chaos at the shelter and would love a quiet place to call his own. He thrives outside the shelter being with people and going for walks. Billy is an absolute sweetheart and we can’t wait to see him blossom in his new home. Billy arrives on December 4th – stay tuned for more information about Billy!

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Arriving Soon ~Adoption Pending ~

Arriving Soon ~Adoption Pending ~


Bella ~ADOPTED ~

Me again, Bella, the blonde bombshell chihuahua look’n for my FURever home
I really LUV my foster sister Lola who lets me lick and lick and lick her face …. I pretty much like to lick every face, FURbaby or not. I am 3 years old and weigh a whopping 8 lbs, did I tell you that already ??? Jeeze, just so excited to hear from you. Probably no kids ‘cause I am just not too sure about how I would be with all that “energy”
Ok so …. Here are the directions
•click the link below to apply and then click “Bella” (that’s me of course) …. Looking forward to meeting you
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Mansu ~ADOPTED ~

Katniss & Finnick ~ADOPTED~

Cute right????
I bet you would love to know more ?
Us too, but for now all we can tell you is
• Girl “Katniss”
• Boy “Finnick”
• Terriers ✔️
• 2-3’sh years old ✔️
• Bonded pair
• arriving mid October ✔️
More details? We will share them the second we get them ✔️🐾
Katniss and Finnick are looking for a “Foster to Adopt”
“Foster” only
Please email :



Gom ~Not currently available~





Peter ~ ADOPTED ~

Barney ~ADOPTED~

Susie ~ ADOPTED ~




Duncan ~ADOPTED~

Smudge ~ ADOPTED ~

Gracie ~ ADOPTED ~

Topaz ~ ADOPTED~