Dogs Currently Available for Adoption

If you are interested in adopting any of our available dogs, please fill out an application here.

Kelli Vanderpump

Currently in a foster-to-adopt

We want to RE introduce our gorgeous Kelli Vanderpump. Not quite 2 years old this lovely “fox-like” pup is at her peak physical condition. She loves to play and learn new tricks. She would thrive with a patient, probably active retired person(s) who would love a fabulous walking partner. Kelli stays close but feels best in her harness and on leash, or just loves to stay home to snuggle. House trained, a little shy , Kelli would love another calm dog (not a deal breaker) but probably no to cats. Contact if you live in the Vancouver area (not east of Hope, and not on the island sorry) to arrange a meet and greet

Please fill in our on line application. Once your reference checks are approved and your application processed you will be notified and allowed to meet and greet.
TDIAO will not issue a Transfer of Ownership until a mandatory home check has been executed and approved


Meet Mickey… here is his story :
Mickey has been with one owner since he was 3 months old and has to be adopted out to a new family due to no fault of his own except for the fact that his mom relocated here from Kelowna and she could only find a place that accepted one dog.
-high energy and would do best with a backyard, Hikes and the dog park
-he’s a barker but, one look at a spray bottle and he knows to stop-also barks at animals on the TV-does bark in a condo when he hears noise outside the door
-no signs of aggression-has some fear around men but is able to warm up to them after awhile
-independent much like a cat but, when he is ready and wants cuddles he is a cuddle monster
-gets cranky when he is tired and wants to go to bed
-does not like to be picked up suddenly
-good with well behaved cats-good with dogs
-has had no issues around children but, judging from the not liking to be picked up suddenly I am guessing small children might not be the best
-good alone for up to 8 hours
-crate trained
-can be left to roam around the house with a puppy pad
-can be left with food in his bowl and will not overeat
-raised on Acana brand food
-good teeth that have been brushed regularly