We are a not for profit, 100% volunteer based dog rescue society that runs entirely on the love of dogs.

We do what we do for the same reason you’re here: to make a difference. We’re saving as many dogs as possible one day at a time.


To rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome as many Adoptable Dogs at risk of being euthanized, surrendered, abused, or neglected as possible.


Our dogs come first. They are the centre of why we do what we do. As a registered not-for-profit rescue society, the safety, wellbeing, and health of our adoptable dogs comes before anything and everything else. This means we do rigorous background checks, home checks, and follow-ups with every adopted dogs and foster dogs.

Over 800


Over 100


Over 9,000




We are a team of hardworking, dog crazy volunteers who believe in the magic of our four legged floofs, borkers, and puppers. Meet just a few of  the people who make the magic happen at Thank DOG I Am Out!

Susan Patterson


In 2009, when I dared to reach out my hand into the dark and pull a tiny, abused, and terrified dog into my life, I knew everything had changed.

Dogs are my world. I have never not been around animals and never want a life without them. I believe wholeheartedly that dogs rescue you right back, that they are made of magic; capable of healing you with their simple ability to live in the moment and love everyone more than themselves.

Today, we are over 75 volunteers strong, diverse in our walks of life, all with a passion for one thing: the value and love of a dog.

Jill Bekar

Adoption + Foster Coordinator

I got involved in 2012 when I came across a plea for help for a dog needing a foster home with no cats. One thing led to another and I took her in as a foster with our two other dogs and she’s been a part of our family ever since.  I heard her story and so many others just like hers and I knew in my heart my purpose was to get involved and help these dogs in need.  I started doing home checks and knew that’s where I wanted to focus my energies.

Connecting potential families with our amazing rescues is what makes all the work worthwhile.  Susan and I connected right away and as I got more involved with the rescue my role has expanded into the Adoptions and Foster Coordinator.

Jonny Staub

Media Spokesperson

Jonny Staub is a radio host of the top rated Jonny, Holly & Nira morning show in Vancouver BC. He has also worked in markets including Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. A successful on-air coach and mentor, he thrives on growing “up and coming” talent and has a passion for media training.

He’s a Crossfit athlete who also nerds out drawing comic books in his spare time and loves a North Shore hike with his boyfriend “Tuna” (Jason), and their two dogs Wermmy and GusGus. He is the media spokesperson for Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society and supports all their efforts to rescue as many dogs at risk as they can.

Kim Kawaguchi

Board of Directors

Serving on the TDIAO Board offers me the opportunity to work with those who share a passion and dedication for helping dogs out of a desperate situation and into a caring, home environment. The experience and knowledge brought together with this group inspires me to be commitment to a cause I believe in.

The teamwork involved by a few, with even fewer resources, has achieved impressive results in a short period of time. My hope is that this valuable work continues to grow and be successful and true to the mandate.

Suann Hosie

Board of Directors

I accepted a position on the Board of TDIAO because of my experience as a veterinarian. I firmly believe that for every responsible person who wants to share their life with a dog, there is a dog out there who needs that person. And those dogs with the most need to be united with the most caring and responsible people are too often euthanized without find their life-long home.

Yuhko Grossmann

Board of Directors

Why would you not want to get involved with TDIAO? Why would you not want to save the lives of as many dogs as possible? How could you not want to bring joy to people in providing an opportunity to adopt these dogs, change lives forever, in the most incredible, magical, loving way that a dog can.

TDIAO – thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to help, to make a difference in the lives of those who have so selflessly give so much to us humans.