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Feature Dog of the Week:

Meet Tess… here is her story :
Tess is a 68lb, 1year old coonhound. She is a bundle of energy and would do well in an active household. Due to her energy level we think she would do best in a household with no small children as we worry she is a bit too rambunctious and might knock them over.
Tess is a social butterfly and wants to say hi to everyone but has no manners at all at this point . She is an extremely happy dog , problem is Tess does not realize how big she is and needs boundaries when playing, especially with small dogs as she can be a bit rough. She means well and wants to be friends with everyone. She is completely housebroken and LOVES destroying plushy toys … we are working on that energy and re directing it… good thing is she knows not to destroy non-toys. Tess is good with being left alone and is completely crate trained. Tess will start “school” this week with our trainers @calmingk9dogtraining so whomever adopts this gal has to be willing to continue with her training… it will be SO worth it ❤️
This lovely girl would make a good best friend for someone who likes spending their free time hiking and being active. Click here to apply OR email

Dolly’s Journey

Dolly Update September 27, 2018:

It is with shock and devastation that we have to let our community know that our sweet Dolly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly this morning. We are a gasp. She contracted pneumonia very quickly but in the care of the specialist at CanWest Critical care she was diagnosed with a very rare, deadly disease called “ Myesthenia Gravis”. There was no turning back so she left this world suffering very little and sitting in heaven with our #Syd and all the others who will guide her into the clouds with warmth and grace. Thank you Jane, Dolly’s mom for 6 months, CanWest Critical Care hospital , Dr Fraser Davidson and Dolly’s California team.


Dolly was rescued from a shelter in California after her owners gave her up to be euthanized because she was “too fat and not active anymore”. Not only was she abused by overfeeding, but was physically abused as well, and yet this special girl was so lovely and sweet. At 10 years old and 30 pounds overweight, Dolly had quite the journey ahead of her, but she was up for the challenge and lost 10 whole pounds! TDIAO is proud to have played a small part in Dolly’s journey and she will always be part of our family.

To help Dolly’s Mom with Dolly’s final vet bills please click here to donate. $1, $2…anything helps. Thank you for everyone’s support!

Please think of others when thinking about lighting off fireworks of any kind. Dogs have very sensitive hearing and are very afraid of fireworks.

Check out this video to see how bad it is for some dogs. CLICK HERE



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