Sometimes no matter how we try, how many different ways we approach our rescue pups who arrive with “issues “, we recognize that perhaps the very best resolve for the dog is a new “physical” environment.

Meet “Oliver”, a 3 yr old, 50ish pound Anatolian Shepherd mix who came to Thank Dog I Am Out Dog Rescue with the gang from Kabul Small Animal Rescue.

Oliver is SO loved by his humans but after over a year of trying to have him settle in he still struggles with reactivity, (primarily on a leash), easily triggered by a dog walking by a window at his home, and has a strong small animal prey drive … so add a terrified cat at his home it is now time to rethink where Oliver woukd thrive?

He does well in open, fenced areas, and in a quiet environment.

Resolve: A quiet home , NOT in the city, so a yard for sure.

He would do well as an only dog, or with a good match for him (he loves his two dog brothers)

This dog is beautiful INSIDE and out but really needs to be on a property, not in a city, and in the care of someone with animal “trauma” experience.

Oliver is a tripod, with one of his back legs mangled, but attached. TDIAO had him assessed right away in the Spring of 2022 by our partners VCA Canada Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre, the leg is not at risk of becoming a bigger issue and does not need to be removed.

If you are a loving human(s) with space and time, maybe another dog, (that would depend on temperament), to continue the great work his humans have put in place please email us asap : rescue.tdiao@gmail.com

Oliver is safe, adored and is hugely loved by his family of over a year but everyone recognizes Oliver is not thriving in the city.

He is on Fluoxetine (Prozac) for now until he can overcome his anxiety. The meds help him manage his self control and in time he will be weaned off it.

Please email : rescue.tdiao@gmail.com