Welcome “Libby” and “Charlie” meow …
Libby is a 15-year-old who does not act like a senior citizen. She is not overweight, likes to keep close to your computer and would make a loving companion.
Charlie (so-named because of his Charlie Chaplin moustache), likes to “head-butt”. He is the more cautious of the two.
Both cats are healthy.
They were rescued from a sad situation a few weeks ago and have adjusted well to their foster mom’s house. They get along with her cat and small dog–mostly ignoring the dog!
They are reliably litter-trained. They come with food, litter pans (3), and litter. Adopter gets to pamper them with accessories!
Both are toothless due to chronic, painful stomatitis and dental disease. That does not keep them from having a hearty appetite for canned food