Our Board of Directors

Susan Patterson

In 2009, when I dared to reach out my hand into the dark and pull a tiny, abused, and terrified dog into my life, I knew everything had changed.

Dogs are my world. I have never not been around animals and never want a life without them. I believe wholeheartedly that dogs rescue you right back, that they are made of magic; capable of healing you with their simple ability to live in the moment and love everyone more than themselves.

Today, we are over 75 volunteers strong, diverse in our walks of life, all with a passion for one thing: the value and love of a dog.

Suann Hosie

I accepted a position on the Board of TDIAO because of my experience as a veterinarian. I firmly believe that for every responsible person who wants to share their life with a dog, there is a dog out there who needs that person. And those dogs with the most need to be united with the most caring and responsible people are too often euthanized without find their life-long home.

Arya Eshghi

Arya joined Thank Dog I Am Out because of her passion and compassion for animals. She strongly supports this organizations mandate to  “rescue and re-home any dog at risk of being euthanized, surrendered, abused or neglected”.

Kim Kawaguchi

Serving on the TDIAO Board offers me the opportunity to work with those who share a passion and dedication for helping dogs out of a desperate situation and into a caring, home environment. The experience and knowledge brought together with this group inspires me to be commitment to a cause I believe in.

The teamwork involved by a few, with even fewer resources, has achieved impressive results in a short period of time. My hope is that this valuable work continues to grow and be successful and true to the mandate.

Janet Randall

Janet has held a deep love of animals since childhood. Whether caring for her family’s pets or becoming known in the neighbourhood as the perfect sitter for any animal with fur, scales or wings, she has been joyfully committed to improving the lives of animals for as long as she can remember.

“I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to serve a cause so close to my heart. Thank you, Susan, for your passion and vision. I’m so grateful to be a part of all that you’ve built.”

Jill Bekar

Jill loves all animals big and small, and devotes an incredible amount of her time and energy to helping animals in any way she can. She has been a volunteer and key member of the Thank Dog I Am Out team for over nine years. Serving as the adoption coordinator, Jill has a knack for knowing the perfect family for each and every dog. She has opened her home to countless numbers of dogs and found even the toughest cases their perfect forever home.

Jill’s incredible passion and amazing organizational skills are a huge asset to the board. Her dedication to the vision of Thank Dog I Am Out is second to none.

Paul Jasich

Paul grew up with lots of animals in the house and could never imagine coming home to a house without an animal in it. Paul has dedicated his time and energy to fostering for Thank Dog I Am Out and helping out with all of the events and transports. Paul has become an invaluable member of the TDIAO team and the go to person whenever an issue arises.

“I look forward to furthering the mission of TDIAO as a member of the board and I am thankful to get to work alongside an amazing team.”

Suzanne Laurie

Suzanne has always had a deep love and respect for animals. The bond between human and animal is a sacred one and she was always the kid rescuing the stranded kitten or the injured bird or begging her parents to find room for “one more”.

In her professional life, Suzanne is an accomplished facilitator, program leader, coach, educational designer, and organizational consultant. Her experience developing leaders in all organizational settings and her expertise in both profit and non-profit, and large and small organizational settings provides a unique and strategic perspective for unleashing people’s greatness.

Splitting her time between Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast, Suzanne lives with a house full of animals whose current roster includes three amazing dogs and a socially forward cat.