Our Team

Susan Patterson

Founder & Adoptions / Fosters

In 2009, when I dared to reach out my hand into the dark and pull a tiny, abused, and terrified dog into my life, I knew everything had changed.

Dogs are my world. I have never not been around animals and never want a life without them. I believe wholeheartedly that dogs rescue you right back, that they are made of magic; capable of healing you with their simple ability to live in the moment and love everyone more than themselves.

Today, we are over 75 volunteers strong, diverse in our walks of life, all with a passion for one thing: the value and love of a dog.

Mary Milton

Adoptions & Rescue Coordinator

Marion Dickson

Adoption / Reference Check Coordinator

I first became involved with TDIAO when we attended their adoption event in October of 2013 where we adopted our sweet Maggie. I was so impressed with this group of volunteers, their dedication to the dogs and how well the event was organized I knew I wanted to volunteer for them.  My first experience was being a foster for TDIAO, and what a rewarding experience this was. Helping to acclimatize and train our new arrivals, watching them meet their new furever families was such an rewarding experience!   Since then I have been involved in many other areas of our rescue, the most exciting and rewarding one of all would be our large adoption event in November each year, seeing all those perspective adopters and watching their reactions when they meet their new family dog is amazing.

I have loved animals my whole life, I have always been drawn to the ones that no one else wanted, and have rescued many animals over my life time.

Making new friends both human and dog, has enriched my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Debbie Bloom Feldstein


Deb is founder of the amazing Winter Warriors and Ice Brigade
programs providing beds, blankets, ice and toys to the hundreds of dogs stuck in California’s rural shelters during their extreme weather conditions.
She has worked tirelessly for thousands of dogs and joined Thank Dog I Am Out in 2017 selecting, and  prepping our dogs – including vetting and transport from California.
She is TDIAO family to the core and we would be lost without her.

Jonny Staub

Media Spokesperson 

Jonny Staub is a radio host of the top rated Jonny, Holly & Nira morning show in Vancouver BC. He has also worked in markets including Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. A successful on-air coach and mentor, he thrives on growing “up and coming” talent and has a passion for media training.

He’s a Crossfit athlete who also nerds out drawing comic books in his spare time and loves a North Shore hike with his boyfriend “Tuna” (Jason), and their two dogs Wermmy and GusGus. He is the media spokesperson for Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society and supports all their efforts to rescue as many dogs at risk as they can.

Janet Randall

Home Check Coordinator

I’ve held a deep love of animals since childhood. Whether caring for my family’s pets or becoming known in the neighbourhood as the perfect sitter for any animal with fur, scales or wings, I’ve been joyfully committed to improving the lives of animals for as long as I can remember.

The TDIAO Volunteer Thank You party was my first event. I was feeling nervous since I was the newcomer. However, within moments of my arrival I was welcomed with open arms by a well-managed team of mission-driven individuals who live to be the voice for rescue dogs. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to serve a cause so close to my heart.

Thank you, Susan, for your passion and vision. I’m so grateful to be a part of all that you’ve built.

Carolyn Laurin

Administrative Coordinator

I was introduced to TDIAO by a friend who adopted Dexy, TDIAO’s first official rescue.  She asked me if I would be interested in volunteering at TDIAO’s first big adoption event.  Well, like many of you, I love animals so it didn’t take me more than a split second to say yes.  Needless to say the experience was like no other and there’s been no looking back ever since.  Year after year, I’m amazed by our incredible TDIAO volunteers pulling together to make our world a little better.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to be part of a great team working towards saving dogs and giving them a better life.  Watching our rescues leave with their new owners grinning from ear to ear as they take their new furry friend home makes the work we do worth every minute.

Rick Crook

Rescue Coordinator

Kathy Stahr 


As Susan Patterson’s sister we were brought up sharing a love of animals. When she started rescuing dogs I watched these discarded pups blossom as they were welcomed into loving homes, and was inspired to be a part of it. I had some bookkeeping experience so when TDIAO was formed and started growing quickly I offered up my volunteer services both behind the scenes and at the big annual adoption events. I continue to manage the society’s finances because I know that with every adoption a life is saved and a family is enriched. It’s been a wild ride and a very rewarding experience!

Tania Ryan

Visual Artist 

In November 2016 I was covering the TDIAO adoption event for my Publication,  The Urban Pet Gazette,  where I first met Susan. Susan’s passion inspired me to raise funds and awareness for the Thank DOG I am out by creating a calendar “The Underdogs Project”. In 2017 Susan approached me with the concept of a book to celebrate the continuing success of Thank DOG I Am Out. It was an amazing experience to meet up  with adopters and meet and photograph all the adorable dogs who might not have ever had a chance to find a fur-ever home. As the owner of the Vancity Bark, I look forward to continuing to use my skills in visual arts, raising awareness for animal welfare for TDIAO.

Friso Halbertsma

Graphic Artist