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Rescue Updates / Chloe is Our Furry Valentine

Day 1

Chloe arrived at her new home and immediately made herself comfortable on the couch. Shy, and a little nervous, she still managed to allow us to pet her and feed her.


Day 2

Lots of new things today, visits from a trainer, and Madison from TDIAO, as well as a car ride to a local dog park. She did great, but was exhausted afterwards. Still shy, but definitely getting more comfortable.

Day 3

Chloe enjoys short walks, and all of the gifts from so many of our family and friends. She’s taken to sleeping in the corner of the couch as opposed to her bed, and is slowly getting closer to our other dog Chewy.

Day 4

Chloe loves to sleep and snuggle. She has no interest in leaving her corner of the couch, even if I’m trying to lay down and take a nap in the same spot. She’s also warming up more to Chewy and is learning how to play with him without getting too excited!

Day 5

Sleep, Walk, Play, Eat Repeat. Chloe loves toys!

Day 6

I was doing chores around the house and noticed Chloe wasn’t sleeping in her usual spot… she had gone to bed and was sleeping in our bed, in the dark. As you can see she was quite annoyed that I had turned the lights on.


  1. Friso

    Wow that is so great. There must be a lot of love in that home .

  2. Ken Ure

    I am interested in adopting a small dog in the future,please advise me of upcoming events and adoptions.
    Thank you
    Ken Ure
    roberts creek b.c.

  3. Connie

    Hi Ken! Thank you for your message. Please keep a close watch on our website for upcoming events and adoption days. You can also get pre-approved for one year starting on the date of your application by submitting an adoption application form via this page:! Cheers and thank you again for your interest.

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