Rise Above Rescue

Pirrone Projects – Rise Above Rescue is a non profit organization based in Northern California.  This is a Pirrone family run organization, focusing on the transportation and rescue of animals at high risk for euthanization. We specialize in logistical coordination and the securing of animals from at risk areas in California.  We arrange vet clearances and safe transportation of these animals to rescue partners who have qualified adoptive homes waiting for available rescue animals.

Thank Dog I Am Out Rescue Society is one of our strongest partners and allies in this life saving mission.  We hold the highest of quality standards for the animals in our care, and we insist on working with partners who understand and share in these protocols.  TDIAO aligns with our organization’s vision perfectly. When we transport these very special rescue animals to our Canadian partners with TDIAO, we rest assured that these precious souls have found their happy ending they so richly deserve!

Transport animal rescue requires a strong, compassionate, quality, and well balanced team to be successful.  Pirrone Projects – Rise Above Rescue and the Pirrone family are honoured to be on the Thank Dog I Am Out team, and we look forward to many years of collaboration and to countless lives saved!