As a registered not-for-profit society in BC, we pledge to put the welfare and safety of our adoptable dogs above all else.

This means that before a dog is adopted or fostered, we have:

Suggested our applicants first, before applying, check their local shelters for a potential FURever dog. We also have our potential adopters or fosters fill out and sign a legally binding contract, so that should anything change, they have to return the dog to us. Thank Dog I Am Out dogs cannot be surrendered, sold, gifted, or otherwise given away to any other individual or organization. We re-home any dog that has been returned to us.

Completed a home check for every single applicant and determined that they are allowed to have dogs in their home. If they are renters, we check with their landlords. If they are owners, we check with their strata council (if applicable). Every family must be present at the home check in order for us to determine the living situation and whether we can approve their application.

Additionally, after a dog has been adopted or fostered, we also:

Conduct follow-ups on the adopter or foster, in order to ensure the continued well-being of the dog. This is conducted by members of our team and we still know where each and every dog that we’ve placed is located.