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Save Me Saturday: April Edition

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This week, on Save Me Saturday, we’ve got a whole new batch of doggos coming up, all very cute, very wise, very much in want of someone with a lap for cuddles. Is this you?

All of these beautiful, magical floofs will be available this month for you to meet, love, and be best friends with. We will be giving our patient pre-approved adopters a first go at meeting them. Any doggos who did not select their new, furver home will be available for VIP (Very Important Paws) Meet and Greets at TISOL Grandview Hwy on the National Adoption Weekend,  April 21-23.

Thank Dog I Am Out

Meet Patches. This guy wants you to know it’s totally cool if you finish all the guacamole – he’s not really allowed to have avocados anyway. Patches is a goofball with a penchant for dad jokes: why do chicken coops only have two doors? Because if they had four, they would be chicken sedans! Hey? Hey?

Patches likes long walks on beaches where there are endless seagulls and seagull poop to smell. Also likes holding hands and conversations about philosophy.

Thank Dog I Am Out

Stewie’s ear game is strong and he needs you to know that he knows how good looking he is. At 8 months old, he already knows how to manipulate people with his good looks and charm, but he only ever does it for good, like, to get an extra cookie or pat. Stewie thinks snuggles are great, cats are overrated, and his least favourite season is winter, for obvious reasons.

Thank Dog I Am Out

Milo is 4 going on 50 because he is so wise, maybe wiser than Gandalf, but don’t tell anybody he said that, he doesn’t want people to think he’s vain. Milo wants you to know it’s cool you have a cat because he also likes cats – who wouldn’t? The way they smell like magic, how they poop in indoor sandboxes, and bring everyone dead birds.

Thank Dog I Am Out

Ethan is an 8 month old male poodle terrier who likes sunshine, rainbows, and everything wonderful – like kids! Kids are great, kids are fun, he loves kids because they get what it means to run and jump and play and laugh like him. Why can everyone be like kids? Ethan prefers snuggles over seriousness, high fives over handshakes, and crunchy peanut butter over smooth. Because duh?

Thank Dog I Am Out

Happy is 1.5 years old and thinks you could use a little more fun and a lot less no-fun in your life. He is open to what that looks like, but has a few ideas: running in circles really fast, chasing a ball, rolling in the grass, and also sometimes staring intently into your eyes to convey how much he loves you. He’s open to discussion, though, on other fun, playful things you guys can get up to. Non-negotiables: ball throwing and loving you like you love cake. Also prefers females but open to a nice, mellow non-female.

Thank Dog I Am Out

Charlie is 1 in human years, 7 in dog years, and thinks that life, so far, is pretty neat. One time, he met Ellen DeGeneres on a plane and they both talked about how hard it is to be so charming on command. Charlie loves kids, is great with cats, and thinks he looks best in soft, natural lighting.

Thank Dog I Am Out

Az girl is 4 and is a Gemini who hates peas. She got pregnant at a young age and auditioned for MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. They told her she wasn’t dramatic enough. Az likes Drake, prefer Dominos over Panago, and thinks Ryan Gosling was the best thing to happen to cinema.

If any of these magical floofs have caught you eye, you should get in touch with us and we’ll do some matchmaking!

2 Comments for Save Me Saturday: April Edition

  • Jan MacMillan says:

    Hi just wanting to know if Ethan has been adopted yet?
    Also is there anywhere else a few more pics of the dogs are available?
    Thanks in advance, and for all the great work you do.

    • Jenna says:

      Hi Jan,

      Thank you for your interest and reaching out! Ethan has found his furever home already. There are more photos available on our Facebook page 🙂

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